Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Few Penny Stock Setups

For you gamblers out there that are looking for a thrill, here's a few penny stocks that are setting up in nice patterns.

Should you decide to play these, prepare to lose everything as they are penny stocks for a reason.

The first one is Amedica (AMDA).  It's been forming a series of wedges which have a pattern so far of lasting 4 days.  The idea is to buy near the bottom of the consolidation pattern in the .385 to .40 range over the next few days.

Click on charts to enlarge view:

The next one is DirectView Holdings (DIRV).  They are allegedly collaborating with XG Technology (XGTI) on a body camera of sorts.

DIRV has been trading in a tight range over the last 2+ weeks and showing signs of volume accumulation, while the Bollinger Bands are starting to pinch.  Here's the setup.

Lastly here is the chart of XGTI that I posted a couple days ago on Twitter.  It has since broken out but looks like it still has room to run.

Updated XGTI chart.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

10 Setups Under $10 for Next Few Days

After a big bounce back rally yesterday from oversold conditions, I'm not looking to press it too hard.  We could see the market try a continuation move today and then roll back over to test the bottom of the recent range, so we have to stay nimble.

The beaten down energy sector yielded a lot of bottoming type formations, and they're heavily shorted.  But keep in mind they're beaten down for a reason.

Here are a few setups from last night's scan.  As always, use stop losses or go broke.

Click on charts to enlarge view.