Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gaming, Casino, Hospitality Sector in Focus

From an over night scan for stocks and sectors with increasing volume coupled with proper base setups, the gaming and hospitality sectors got my attention.  Here are some charts of interest.

Here's a list of the tickers mentioned: BYD, ERI, ISLE, MGM, MPEL, VAC, CHH

Click on charts to enlarge view.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Few Penny Stock Setups

For you gamblers out there that are looking for a thrill, here's a few penny stocks that are setting up in nice patterns.

Should you decide to play these, prepare to lose everything as they are penny stocks for a reason.

The first one is Amedica (AMDA).  It's been forming a series of wedges which have a pattern so far of lasting 4 days.  The idea is to buy near the bottom of the consolidation pattern in the .385 to .40 range over the next few days.

Click on charts to enlarge view:

The next one is DirectView Holdings (DIRV).  They are allegedly collaborating with XG Technology (XGTI) on a body camera of sorts.

DIRV has been trading in a tight range over the last 2+ weeks and showing signs of volume accumulation, while the Bollinger Bands are starting to pinch.  Here's the setup.

Lastly here is the chart of XGTI that I posted a couple days ago on Twitter.  It has since broken out but looks like it still has room to run.

Updated XGTI chart.