Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Scan

Here are some charts that caught my eye during a scan through the last evening.  A couple of the solars caught my eye, but I'm not quite confident oil has bottomed just yet so we'll have to see how that plays out in the near term.

Some of these charts are short term scalp plays while others are setting up in longer term consolidations, and thus may require more time before they trigger.

Q Logic (QLGC) is of interest after 14 years of sideways basing.  It's nearing 2 1/2 year resistance.  It would trigger on the daily chart over $13.25.

Charts shown in this post:  SPWR, WBAI, WIFI, TSEM, QLGC, RESN, VII, PKD, OWW

A few others that caught my eye:  VPCO, TTPH, SMED, QUIK, UPL, PSUN

As always, if you take any of these setups use a stop loss or lose your house.

Click on charts to enlarge:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oil & Gas Sector Scan

These tickers listed in the table below come from a scan I made early this morning.  They have been beaten down with the decline in oil.  Many are sitting in bottoming type formations and some are heavily shorted.

Some of these stocks are lightly traded and thus carry more risk.  Use stop losses or lose your house.

Here's the setup of AMZG I posted on Twitter during the trading day.  It triggered over $1.35.

Click on charts to enlarge view.

Ticker            % of float sold short

AMZG                    6.9
CNX                       5.3
EXXI                    23.9
GDP                     47.5
GST                      11.4
KWK                    31.8
HERO                   21.3
MHR                    22.3
PGN                     43.3
REXX                   20.0
GLF                      12.7
HOS                    11.8
MDR                   16.8
INT                      6.4